Stewart N H Mackie






Senior .NET Developer &

Software Development Manager


Coventry and Warwickshire, UK





Experienced C# developer, senior manager, software solutions analyst, web developer and marketing applications consultant. Currently a hands-on development manager at Cooper Solutions Ltd. Previously the development manager of Adept Management Ltd, and the leader of the web/software development team for Structured Training Ltd and DotWorld Ltd. Spent many years building up the SPA group of Computer Aided Sales and Marketing consultancies.


“Thanks for all your effort developing the ADePT software. We have a great product which you should take a lot of pride in.” – Dr Paul Waskett, Development Director, Adept Management Ltd


 “Stewart’s expertise was indeed the backbone of the SPA product portfolio… He was (and no doubt still is) clearly a gifted software developer.” – Chris Morris, MD, SPA



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Key Achievements

·         Developed Cooper Solutions’ FullCompliance product, a unique fleet BIK management system designed to meet national HMRC requirements that dealers account for company car user activity.

·         Co-ordinated the design and development of FullAuction, Cooper Solutions’ trade-only, online vehicle auction site.

·         Designed and developed FullAppraisal, a brand new service that enables vehicles to be appraised and valued electronically.

·         Led the design, development and delivery of the ADePT Design Suite, a ground-breaking suite of windows and web software.

·         Created the software for a major new elearning product ‘Learning World’, including a Learning Management System & Content Production/Delivery System.

·         Designed and produced a web based 360 Appraisal System, now used by several major companies around the world, including Siemens and Diamdel.

·         Developed interactive advisory web sites powered by an expert system engine.

·         Developed and sold the world’s first commercial retail location model software.

·         Conceived and built The Marketing Machine, a suite of modelling software that, as Mosaic Systems, became the UK’s first PC based geo-demographic market analysis system.

·         Created & managed a successful software modelling business, recruiting a team of 20 graduate consultants to use the software for project work and license it to clients.

·         Sold this market modelling business to CCN (now Experian).

·         Designed and built Journey-Plan, the world’s first integrated sales territory optimisation, journey planning and call scheduling system, the rights to which were then sold to CACI Inc.


Commercial/Management Skills

·         Setting up a software development team from scratch and running its day-to-day operation;

·         Creating successful market analysis and salesforce automation businesses;

·         Formulating business strategy & running the day to day operations of a company.


Technical Skills 

·         Developing complex OO web and windows applications in C#, VB.NET, SQL Server 2012, ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2012;

·         Developing web based SaaS (Software as a Service) Compliance, auctioning, HR and elearning systems;

·         Developing windows based design management software;

·         Mathematical modelling, database modelling and statistical analysis;

·         Running market analysis, OR and GIS projects using MapInfo, Tactician & Mosaic Systems.


Current Position

Senior Development Manager at Cooper Solutions Limited, Barford, Warwickshire, UK (from 2009)


Previous Positions

·         Software Development Manager and Senior C# Developer of Adept Management Ltd, Coventry, UK (2007-2009).

·         Developer, Retail Division, E.On (2007).

·         Proprietor of ORSM Consulting (2005-2006).

·         Product Development Manager of Predaptive OD Ltd and Technical Solutions Director of DotWorld Communications Limited (2000-2005), Technical Director of Drivetime Software in USA, Non-executive director of SPA Marketing Systems Limited (1997-2000).

·         Development/Commercial Director, Sales Performance Analysis Ltd (SPA) (1991-96).

·         Managing Director of SPA Marketing Systems Ltd (1988-90).

·         Technical Director of SPA Marketing Systems Ltd (1984-87).

·         Senior Consultant with CACI Inc Market Analysis Division (1982-84).

·         Computer Manager for Market Location Ltd (now Wegener DM) (1981-82).

·         Principal Consultant at the Unit for Retail Planning Information (now a part of MapInfo Inc) (1978-80).

·         Principal Planning Officer in the Berkshire Structure Plan Team (1976-77).

·         Consultant with the Local Government Operational Research Unit (1969-75).



Current Position


Cooper Solutions Limited (since 2009)

Since 2009, I have been a Senior Development Manager for Cooper Solutions Ltd, the market leading company in the provision of integrated dealer management solutions for the automotive industry. Our online solutions cover financial management, fleet management, daily rate insurance provision, trade car disposal, and used car stock control.


I have designed and developed FullCompliance, a web based system designed to meet national HMRC requirements that dealers account for company car user activity. Adopting a real time solution to driver and vehicle record keeping indicates that the dealership has instilled a robust process designed to comply with these requirements and avoid potential exposure to significant financial penalties. The Financial Controller of Sytner Leicester BMW said “FullCompliance has brought savings to the dealership in terms of fuel costs and time. Cooper Solutions worked very hard with us to ensure the system did everything we needed it to do and more.”


I have co-ordinated the design and development of FullAuction, an alternative route to market for franchised dealer trade cars. It minimises transaction costs, attracts hundreds of validated buyers and is quick and easy to list, sell and deliver. I am also responsible for developing the back-end administration system for FullAuction that enables our support team to broker deals between the franchised dealers auctioning the vehicles and the motor traders who buy them. As one user said: “Having used several other motor auction websites, FullAuction’s user friendly layout and search facility is the best I have used.”


I am also now developing FullAppraisal, a brand new and unique part of the FullAuction service that enables the sales executives and managers of franchised vehicle dealerships to carry out a full appraisal and valuation of a vehicle electronically using a tablet, laptop or desktop PC instead of the current paper-based methods.


Previous Position


Adept Management Limited (2007-2009)

For the previous two years, I worked as Development Manager for Adept Management Ltd, an international design management consultancy with major construction and manufacturing clients in the UK, America, Australia and the Middle East.


I set up and led a small team of developers in the creation of a brand-new suite of ground–breaking design management software:  Adept Design Builder and Adept Design Manager are windows products that were written in C# .NET 2.0, using Visual Studio 2005. There was also an online component comprising a Design Manager extranet and database driven web service (using SQL Server 2005). These were written in C# and ASP.NET 2.0. We also developed an integration engine, which enabled our software to synchronize with the major scheduling packages - Primavera, Asta PowerProject and Microsoft Project.




The suite of products is explained fully at, the online extranet Manager is at and a 30 day trial msi package of the windows products can be downloaded from the public site at .


We adopted an agile, test-driven approach to the development process. A prototype of the suite was created in just three months. The prototype modelling product (Adept Design Builder) was then used to plan the design of the subsequent product, the first version of which was released on time and under budget just six months later.


Once the software was released I submitted it for testing by an independent Microsoft-approved company, and consequently was able to get Adept accepted as a Microsoft Certified Partner.


Version control was handled by Perforce, and the automated build process by Cruise Control. We used the Aladdin Software Rights Management system to license the software using Hasp keys, the Gemini Issue Management system to track bugs and progress on new features, and a Wiki to keep a central knowledge base of our development and production processes and procedures.


I was a very hands-on manager at Adept, involved in all areas of management, recruitment, development, production and support, whilst still devoting 60-80 per cent of my time to coding and testing. Design Patterns were used extensively (especially the Command pattern) in the creation of our common class libraries and third party components where appropriate (particularly Component One) for aspects of the GUI and reporting. I wrote most of the C# code for the Adept Design Manager classes.



Career History


Before joining Adept, I spent 7 years designing and building complex, database driven intranets and extranets. These were built to a standard DNA three layer architecture on a mainly Microsoft platform using:

·         IIS as the web server.

·         SQL Server 2000 or Oracle 8i as the database server.

·         COM Object DLLs written in VB6 for a data wrapper and business layer objects.

·         Active Server Pages or ASP.NET written in VB.NET, VBScript or C# (server side), Javascript (client side) and HTML for rendering the presentation layer at the browser end.


I have been heavily involved in the full product development life cycle:

·         Design – producing data models, analysing the business logic with clients, liaising with graphic designers and other developers to turn web page concept images into HTML and ASP code.

·         Develop – writing and running T-SQL and PL/SQL scripts to create tables and stored procedures, coding DLLs in Visual Basic, writing HTML and ASP with Visual InterDev and a text editor.

·         Debug – including unit testing on local servers and system testing on test servers.

·         Deploy – porting the system to either our own or client hosted production servers, and training the administrators in the system’s ongoing management.


I have been supported by graphic designers and javascript programmers in creating the front end web pages. Apart from that, I have been the sole analyst, DBA and developer on many of the web projects that I have worked on.


DotWorld Communications Limited (2000-2005)

From September 2000 to February 2005, I was the Technical Solutions Director of the web design company DotWorld Communications Ltd (see, and, since March 2004, the Technical Products Manager for DotWorld’s sister companies Predaptive OD Ltd (see and Structured Training Ltd (see


I helped to guide the technical direction of the company, particularly in applying my extensive knowledge of emerging technologies to the development of DotWorld’s intellectual capital.


The three main strands of work that I have done are:

·         Consultancy and mentoring – for example, helping a client set up an internal web development team, analysing their underwriting processes, and building them a decision tree for risk assessment.

·         Bespoke web site projects for clients – for example, building members and suppliers extranets for a buying society, re-designing the architecture and database structure of an extranet for a leasing company and assisting with its coding, helping to design and code a complex holiday/absence booking intranet.

·         Product development of browser based HR and elearning systems – primarily the ‘Learning World’ elearning system, and ‘360 Insight’, the online 360 appraisal system.


I have worked on bespoke projects with a number of major blue chip clients, including Diamdel, SFS (Siemens Financial Services), Experian, Forte Hotels and NMBS (the National Merchant Buying Society). I have been involved in customising ‘Learning World’ and ‘360 Insight’ for several clients, including Halma, Diamdel, Siemens, Experian, Benenden Health Care and Hoare’s Bank.


I have also completed some internal projects; for example, developing a Learning World Online Order Processing System – LOOPS – as a part of Structured Training’s own web site, to enable people to purchase licences for any number of elearning modules.


The products I have designed and built are:

·         360 Insight - This is an online, browser based, password protected360 review system. With this system, people can select their reviewers, have them complete an online competency based questionnaire, view their own individual results, and, if they are a manager, call up a wide variety of charts of aggregate results. People with administrator rights can set up surveys, questionnaires and users directly through the web site. For further information about the system, go to: 

·         Learning World - This is an elearning system. It comprises a Content Delivery System for end users, a Learning Management System for administrators and analysts, and a Learning Content Management System for content providers. For a demo of the delivery system, go to:


Each product was built on a SQL Server database, comprising about 40 tables and 300 stored procedures, with COM objects for data wrapping, charting, questionnaire rendering etc, and over 100 ASP files.


Structured Training Limited

From July 1999, I was contracted full-time to Structured Training Ltd in Leamington Spa. I was responsible for developing an “intelligent” web site capability, called GoFetch-IT Technology, for their web design company DotWorld.


This system provides online advice to visitors to a web site through an interactive question and answer session. It uses an expert system’s inference engine to power the site, an engine that is ‘fuelled’ by the expertise encapsulated in a back end knowledge base. At the same time, the visitor’s details and responses are captured into a SQL Server database, a very valuable source of marketing intelligence for the site owner. For further information, go to: .


I used this system to build a public web site for SalesPathways Ltd. This site gave advice, customised to individual’s circumstances, about implementing a Customer Relationship Management system and provided them with a shortlist of suitable vendors.


I was also responsible for all of Structured Training’s IT needs. In particular, I organised the installation of new NT Servers to run their internal intranet and to host a number of web sites.


At the time, I was also the sole developer at DotWorld, responsible for any scripting and/or database work that their clients’ sites require. This included a database driven financial system for estimating visitors’ annuities, and a set of online calculators for advising visitors on their heating and air conditioning needs.


Proprietor of ORSM Consulting (1997-2000 & 2005-2006)

Offered a service to deliver “Operational Research Systems for Management”. A major contract was the continued development of the “Journey-Plan” software for CACI in the UK and its conversion into “Call-Plan” for Drivetime Software in the USA. Developed “RE-ORG”, a territory management GIS, incorporating a territory optimiser and mapping facility (using MapX), for the US market. Other projects included creating a consumer targeting classification of Australian consumers and developing a prototype web-based HR system for Pyramid HR Ltd.


Technical Director of Drivetime Software in the USA (1997-2000)

Co-owner of Drivetime Software, based in the USA, an operation set up after the sale of SPA to exploit its territory optimisation and journey planning software in the USA (by agreement with CACI). Responsible for all technical support issues, such as the building of driving time matrices and zipcode databases.


Non-executive director of SPA Marketing Systems Limited (1997-2000)

Sat on the board of SPA Marketing Systems to safeguard the interests of its non-managing owners, and to assist in formulating the company’s technical and commercial policies.


Development Director of Sales Performance Analysis Ltd (1991-97)

Managed the development team responsible for SPA’s sales force planning software. Created Strategist, a sales resource evaluation tool. Designed and built Journey-Plan, the world’s first integrated sales territory optimisation and call scheduling system (which automatically produces ideal, compact, balanced territories, then generates the best possible journeys, minimising driving for pre-planned visits with varying call frequency).  Eventually involved in the sale of the whole business to CACI.


Managing Director of SPA Marketing Systems Ltd (1988-91)

Built up an organisation to:

·         do consultancy projects, mainly for retailers, using my market analysis system;

·         license the system to clients and help them to carry out their own analyses.

Recruited and managed about 20 staff, split into four teams responsible for sales, consultancy projects, client support and software development. Eventually involved in selling the intellectual property rights in SPA’s software as Mosaic Systems to CCN (now Experian) and the transfer of staff and clients to them.


Technical Director of SPA Marketing Systems Ltd (1984-88)

Co-founded the SPA group of analysis companies. Conceived and built The Marketing Machine, the UK’s first PC based market analysis system, comprising modules for:

·         geocoding,

·         customer profiling,

·         modelling market potential and

·         analysing catchment areas.

Performed a cluster analysis of census data to produce SPA’s own neighbourhood classification. Integrated SPA’s software with Experian’s MOSAIC datasets to produce Mosaic Systems, a suite of software and data marketed jointly by both companies.


Senior Consultant with CACI Market Analysis Division (1982-84)

Did consultancy work for CACI’s market analysis clients, based on the ACORN consumer targetting system. Helped to set up and develop a branch office specialising in retail analysis projects.


Computer Manager of Market Location Ltd (1980-82)

Selected and installed an inhouse HP3000 computer. Set up a DP department, comprising an operator and three analyst/programmers. Organised the company’s transition to new production methods.


Principal Consultant at the Unit for Retail Planning Information Ltd (1977-80)

Managed various consultancy and research projects at URPI (later known as The Data Consultancy and now a part of MapInfo Inc). Carried out all stages of consultancy work for retail and local authority clients, from initial tender to final report. Managed the company’s DP and program development.  Successfully completed several major projects, including:

·         Market research studies for Habitat,

·         Retail impact modelling for Milton Keynes Development Corporation,

·         Pedestrian surveys for Fitch & Co,

·         Retail location modelling for East Kilbride and Berkshire County Council,

·         Shopping Centre Assessment programmes for Chichester and East Hampshire.

Designed and built MARKETS, the world’s first retail location model running on a micro-computer, and was involved in selling the software to several clients.


Principal Planning Officer in the Berkshire Structure Plan Team (1975-77)

Held the position of assistant team leader of the West Berkshire Structure Plan team. Was also responsible for all of the county’s work on retail planning and analysis.


Consultant with the Local Government Operational Research Unit (1969-75)

Carried out a wide range of applied research contracts for fee paying public sector clients, including;

·         Evaluating refuse collection systems for the British Airports Authority,

·         Running employment and housing simulation models for several counties,

·         Forecasting population growth in the Scottish New Towns,

·         Designing a calibration computer program for the COMPASS transportation suite,

·         Developing a dynamic program for the Department of the Environment.



Business Interests


My primary business interest in life is in using my breadth of knowledge and experience in analytics and software development to deliver cost-effective solutions to clients’ problems and business issues. I do this by designing, developing and deploying powerful, cutting edge software products.


I have many years of experience in analytic software and services consultancies.  I have worked extensively in:

·         Operational Research, optimisation heuristics and expert systems.

·         Geographic Information Systems (MapInfo, Tactician, Site and Mosaic Systems).

·         Web & windows software development (in ASP.NET, C#, Visual Basic, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, SQL, C and Fortran).

·         Project modelling & management.

·         Urban, transport & retail planning.

·         Logistics & journey planning.

·         Consumer targeting and geo-demographics (ACORN and MOSAIC).

·         Data mining and statistical analysis (with SPSS).

·         Computer aided sales and marketing.

·         Online HR and 360 appraisal systems.

·         Elearning, Learning Management & Learning Content Systems.


I see myself basically as a Hybrid Manager, Software Developer and Complex Systems Analyst. I have a strong technical background in developing and applying analytical modelling software. I also enjoy harnessing other people’s creativity and bringing their ideas together in novel ways, for example:


Contact Manager + Distribution Planning System = Sales Force Automation Software


I have extensive management experience in project work, team building, client support and consultancy, which has always been done within a commercial, profit focused environment.


I like to help to build profitable businesses that are based around innovative software modelling products and analytical services.



Education, Qualifications and Interests


Ecclesbourne Grammar School, Duffield, Derbyshire (1958-65): Four GCE A-levels in Pure Maths (A), Applied Maths (A), Higher Maths (C), Physics (B), 11 O-levels.


Pre-university training (1965-66) with: Nuclear Applications Group, International Combustion Ltd, and the Theoretical Dynamics Section, British Rail Technical Centre.


Cambridge University, Churchill College (1966-69): M.A. (Mathematics).


Vacation training (1967 and 68) in Operational Research with W.S. Atkins & Partners (Epsom) and the United Steel Company (Sheffield).


Reading University (1970-71): M.Sc. (Urban and Regional Planning Studies), with a dissertation on ‘Calibrating Spatial Interaction Models’ (later published by the University as a Geographical Paper and by Michael Batty in his book ‘Urban Modelling’, C.U.P. 1976).


Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD), 2005. Exams passed:

·         Developing & Implementing Web Applications with C#.NET and Visual Studio .NET

·         Developing & Implementing Windows Applications with VB.NET and Visual Studio .NET

·         Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with C#.NET and the .NET Framework

·         Designing and Implementing Databases with SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition

·         Analysing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures


FRSA, elected 2005 to be a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce


Operational Research Society – member of the ORS for many years.


Interests … Bringing up my three lovely daughters, and helping them through school, college, university and life; singing with the Warwick and Kenilworth Choral Society.



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